Translation + creation

The best solution for your most creative projects.

Transcreation is a newly-adopted term that refers to the process of recreating an initial concept in the target language, while keeping the style and intent of the original. It shares many things with translation, although transcreation goes beyond translating words.

This is the best linguistic solution for global marketing campaigns. It requires a creative mind, an extensive knowledge of the target market and excellent marketing copywriting skills.

The sooner you involve a transcreation specialist in your marketing campaign, the better the results will be.

ICR carefully analyzes the original content and works from a detailed brief, as do the copywriters that created the original content. In the cases of product names or slogans several options will be provided, together with back translations, for your team to review.

Why me?


3 years of experience transcreating online marketing campaigns for the travel industry


Brand-focused and culturally aware professional


Knowledge of the marketing language


Ad copy
Product names
Global campaigns
Website content


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