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Don’t tell me.

You switched on your computer this morning and have been working for hours without a break. Your last Google Calendar ‘break’ alert went off ages ago and there you are–still sitting at your desk. You know how bad sitting for long periods is, but, you’re so busy!

I’ve been there as well. I keep telling myself things like

‘I finish translating this paragraph and I’ll go for a walk’

‘I reply this email and I’ll go for a short run’

But the true fact is that, apart from my weekly run, I rarely get up of my chair and do a bit of exercise or stretching during the day. As a result, I often end up with a sore neck, stiff shoulders and even a mild back pain.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one struggling to find motivation to go running in the rain (and it does 70% of the times I want to run) or take short breaks during the day to exercise. That’s why I’ve selected several infographics from Pinterest with useful office exercises for busy freelancers you can do during a 5 or 10-minute break.

Save this article as a favourite. Get up often, exercise and stretch.

I’ll do that too, I promise!

cubicle excercises


Desk-based exercises

Credits: DesirableBody



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Which type of exercise do you incorporate into your daily routine? Do you struggle to take frequent breaks when you’re too busy? Share your exercise-related tips and suggestions below!

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