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Have you planned any summer holidays this year, fellow freelancer? I still have to wait a bit to enjoy a nice break in the sun. Sigh.

Whether you’re heading off soon or you’re staying at home, check out these articles for freelancers I found recently. Read them on your tablet lying on the beach mojito in hand, or during your lunch break in the garden.

Happy reading!



They say when you relax and switch off from work is when you get the best ideas. Reading also helps, so have a look at the articles below and get some ideas you can apply to your business when you go back to the office.


Tools and productivity

I don’t know about you, but on sunny days I struggle to be as focused and productive as when it’s rainy and cloudy. Note down these useful tools, apps and tips to help you with productivity.



Even the most motivated freelancers have bad days and feel down sometimes. We all need a pat on the back every now and then, get over our fears and just keep going. Here’s a good dose of motivation for you.


Staying healthy

Not exercising enough and over-snacking are way too common in many freelancers’ lives. A bit late to get your beach body ready, but useful anyway!


Blogging and writing

Did you run out of blog post ideas? Can’t you find the time for writing? Not sure how to improve your writing style? Have a read at the articles below and save some time during your break for brainstorming and practising.


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