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Buying a property is as exciting as it is complex and stressful, even more so when you’re considering moving or buying a second home abroad. Despite the crisis and Brexit fears, Spain remains a popular destination for foreign buyers.

Are you thinking about buying a house in Spain but don’t know where to start looking for information? Have a look at the list below, where I’ve compiled 21 useful resources, from guides to articles, to property-related news. This will give you a good general overview of the property market and the buying process and difficulties before you move on to the next stages – getting professional advice and looking for properties.


1. How to buy property in Spain
Source: Gov.uk

2. Guide to buying property in Spain
Source: Spanish Land Registry

3. The complete guide to buying property in Spain
Source: E&G Solicitors in Spain

4. The legal stuff I need to know when buying a property in Spain
Source: Ava Law, a law and business consulting firm specialized in real estate and businesses in Spain.


5. Owning Spanish property through a company
Source: Blevins Franks, international tax and wealth management advisers to UK nationals living in Europe.

6. Costs of Buying a Property in Spain
Source: Bravo Legal, a company offering legal services and consulting (conveyancing, buying properties, taxation, inheritance     procedures…)

7. Buying property in Spain after Brexit
Source: E&G Solicitors in Spain

8. The risks of buying a property in Spain (and how to buy safely)
Source: Lecuidy Law Boutique SLP, Spanish lawyers

9. Latest quarterly Spanish Property Market Report from Survey Spain
Source: Spanish Property Insight


10. List of Spain-based English-speaking lawyers

11. European Notaries Directory
Use the search box to look for English-speaking notaries based in Spain. Spanish notaries public prepare the contract of sale and issue the public deeds.

12. Sworn Translation
They help you with the translation of any legal documentation you need to submit during the buying process. Spanish sworn translators are appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the full list of translators is available on their website.

Note that, as a Spanish sworn translator and Chartered Linguist myself, I can help you with your sworn translation needs. Get in contact to receive advice and a quote.


13. Succession and gift tax virtually eliminated for close family in Murcia
Source: Blevins Franks, international tax and wealth management advisers to UK nationals living in Europe.

14. If you’re not a resident in Spain, what are your mortgage options?
Source: El País

15. Spain’s Tax Reporting Rule Targets Vacation Rental Intermediaries
Source: Lexology, a source of free-to-access legal updates, analysis and insights.

16. A Decade After Bubble, Spanish Real Estate a Hot Buy Again
Source: Bloomberg

17. Property sales and prices in Spain forecast to continue growth in 2018
Source: Property Wire, a global property news service

18. Rise of Spain’s Generation Rent sparks investor rush
Source: Financial Times

19. Spain Property Sector: Prices Go Up, Sales Increase, Mortgages Rise
Source: The Corner, a financial and economic news website

20. Impact Of Brexit On Spain’s Housing Sector Recovery
Source: The Corner, a financial and economic news website

21. Catalan constitutional crisis: As the initial shock fades, foreign investors recover their appetite for property in Barcelona
Source: Spanish Property Insight

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