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You visited Madrid once, fell in love with the city and now want to discover other parts of Spain. Maybe you have a genuine interest in the Spanish language or culture, or are the biggest fan of Spanish food or a football team. From destination guides, to expat stories, travel tips and language podcasts, these 14 blogs about Spain will surely come in handy, whether you are passionate about Spain, or simply curious about the country.


About: Originally from Nottingham, Molly has been living in Spain for 18 years and is a fluent Spanish speaker. Based in Granada, she loves historic places and Spanish food. She blogs about the city of Granada and the surroundings and shares travel tips.

Good for: useful travel information about Granada city and province.


Sunshine and siestas

About: Cat changed Chicago for Seville to teach English and never looked back. After 9 years in the Seville she moved to Madrid. In her blog, you can read very enjoyable and humorous stories about life in Spain as an expat, with a focus on cultural differences.

Good for: travel information about Seville and expat advice.


Scribbler in Seville

About: Fiona is a journalist and content producer based in Seville. She blogs about all things Seville and expat life, covering Spanish trips, food, family life, Spanish culture and everything in between.

Good for: Seville insider knowledge and tips.


Kate’s Travel Tips

About: Kate is an American girl that changed Florida for the small town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, in southern Spain. In her blog, she shares articles about her experience, daily anecdotes and travel tips about her city and her trips around Spain.

Good for: discovering how life is in a small town in southern Spain, weekend getaways in Spain.


Ohla Living Lifestyle Blog

About: Maria is a Filipino/British designer, illustrator and mum living in Valencia. Ohla Living Lifestyle Blog is a lifestyle blog where you can read about her expat experience in Spain, family life and tips for people living in Spain.

Good for: experience as an expat in Valencia, family life in Spain.


Barcelona Blonde

About: Jessica is originally from English, but grew up in California and lives in Barcelona. Her love for the Catalan capital is well captured in her blog, where she shares the best bits of the city and beyond.

Good for: Barcelona travel articles.


A novel Spain

About: Barry is an English teacher who has been living in Seville for over a decade. He shares his personal experience in Spain – the good and bad, the fun and hard moments. All of this with a personal style that you will surely find enjoyable to read.

Good for: personal stories, cultural differences, curiosities.



About: Michelle is an American woman living in Spain, sharing stories on cultural differences and customer experience anecdotes.

Good for: reading original personal stories and anecdotes on US-Spain cultural differences.


Family life in Spain

About: Lisa is a British relocation consultant that moved to Mijas (Andalusia) with her family. In her blog, she shares their Spanish life and experience and helps people stay updated with Spanish procedures.

Good for: finding expert advice on best practices for relocating to Spain as a family.


Allie Wanders

About: Allie is an American freelance writer living in Barcelona and blogging about her life in Spain and her travels abroad.

Good for: reading thoughtful considerations about living in Spain as an expat.


Spanish Sabores

About: Lauren is an American girl who moved to Madrid to teach English. Her passion for Spanish food has made her travelled to all corners of Spain searching for the best places to eat. In her blog, you can read about the food, the best bars and restaurants and simple Spanish recipes you can try at home. She now runs a food tour company.

Good for: learn about Spanish food and recipes.


Notes in Spanish

Ben and Marina are an Anglo-Spanish couple based in Madrid. They created Notes in Spanish to help others learn the real Spanish, the one you don’t learn in a classroom. In their blog, you will find articles and podcasts about the Spanish language at different levels.

Good for: learning Spanish.


Piggy Traveller

About: Piggy Traveller is my little travel blog, where I write about my home region of Extremadura to encourage others to discover a Spanish region that is often overlooked by foreign travellers.

Good for: Extremadura travel inspiration.


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