Last updated on 16/05/24

Legal Tea is a legal podcast aiming to create awareness of the diverse career opportunities beyond corporate law that lie ahead for law graduates. Each week, they interview a legal professional and chat about their career, their professional journey and their professional and personal goals.

While I am not a legal professional as such, I was recently approached by the Legal Tea team and invited to participate in one of their weekly episodes. We chatted about all things legal translation, my journey entering the legal industry from a linguistic background, working as a freelance translator, building client relationships and more.

Irene Corchado

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Irene Corchado Resmella, a Spanish translator based in Edinburgh. English-Spanish sworn translator appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chartered Linguist and member of the CIOL. As a legal translator, I focus on Private Client law, specialising in Wills and Succession across three jurisdictions (England & Wales, Spain, and Scotland). Affiliate member of STEP. ICR Translations is registered with the ICO and has professional indemnity insurance.

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