Irene Corchado, a Spanish translator in Scotland


Spanish legal translator specialising in wills and succession

Sworn translator

Edinburgh, UK


Born and raised in Extremadura, I studied Translation and Interpreting (English, Russian and French) at the University of Granada. I spent one academic year in Tallinn as an Erasmus student, and a semester in Saint Petersburg. Ireland was, for three years, my chosen destination for summer work, and I moved to Dublin as soon as I finished my degree. In 2010, I moved to Latvia and I started working as a freelance translator, combining my activity with an Account Manager role in Riga. Later that year, I was appointed an English<>Spanish sworn translator-interpreter by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I landed in the UK in 2011 and combined my translation activity with an in-house role in London as a travel content writer (promoted to content editor within a year) for almost three years. It was this professional experience which helped me acquire a sound knowledge about content marketing, blogging, SEO applied to content, email marketing and social media management.

Since 2014 I have been 100% committed to my independent translation business, working from Oxford until August 2020 before relocating to Edinburgh.

I focus on sworn and legal translations mainly in Private Client law. My field of specialisation is wills and succession. I hold subject-specific qualifications in three of the main jurisdictions I work with (England and Wales, Spain, and Scotland).

Alongside my translation business, I run the website Travel Extremadura to help international travellers and foreign residents in Spain discover my beautiful yet overlooked home region independently.

As an advocate of continuous professional development, I plan my CPD on an annual basis to meet my learning and career goals. I keep a record of all courses and webinars taken, all presentations, talks and conferences attended and all self-study activities carried out. Details of all my CPD are available to clients.

Key qualifications

BA+MA in Translation and Interpreting

EN<>ES Sworn Translator-Interpreter, appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs


CILEX Level 6 Certificate in Law (Law of Wills and Succession)


Certificate of Specialisation in the Spanish Succession Law


STEP Advanced Certificate in Wills and Executries: Law and Practice (Scotland)


ILEC (International Legal English Certificate, by Cambridge English)

Experience highlights


13 years of experience as a freelance translator. Brief experience as an in-house translator in Dublin.


Almost 3 years of in-house experience as a content writer and editor for two leading travel accommodation brands. Responsible for Spanish content writing, translation, email marketing and social media management.


Several years of in-house experience in customer service, account management and sales at multinational companies in Ireland and Latvia.

Credentials and memberships

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What does that mean for you?

Qualified and accredited professional you can trust
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