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Your company is thinking of setting up a team of content writers, but you cannot afford to pay X full-time salaries. Or maybe you can, but wonder whether hiring freelancers* is a good option.

While having an in-house team has many advantages, freelancers can bring many good things to your company, from motivation to new ideas or more productivity. You can even save money!

If you’re not sure about working with freelance content writers, here’s a list of reasons why you should hire one.



Deadlines are always met

Freelance content writers won’t accept a project if they cannot deliver by the agreed deadline. This guarantees you’ll get the job done (unless something beyond their control happens).


They are more productive

Not everyone works well in a traditional office. Many people can’t focus well in noisy environments. Phones ringing, loud conversations around you or colleagues munching their snacks on their desks can be distracting. Writing and translating require high levels of concentration and working with music isn’t for everybody. Having fixed working hours means you can’t take the long break you need to keep going.

Freelance content writers are generally more productive than in-house ones. That’s because they can choose where and when to work. If they can’t get things done at home, they can go to a library or a cafè. If they are stuck, they can take a long break and go to the gym or do the weekly shopping and come back with a fresh mind to continue working.


They are exposed to more writing-friendly environments

Writing is a creative job and creativity comes when you least expect it. Being able to work from different places helps to come up with ideas, which eventually translate into better articles.



They can save your neck when your staff screws up

Big companies tend to have complex processes in place and a long chain of people to contact before decisions are made. It’s comprehensible (and sometimes even inevitable) that a project gets stuck or lost in that long chain of people. One can forget to chase something up, not receive an email, or think someone else was in charge. If your campaign launch date is fast approaching your in-house staff will probably be too busy, so a freelancer is your best bet here.


They are flexible

In-house content writers don’t have much flexibility as far as time is concerned. They need to attend meetings and do everything thrown at them content-wise. If something isn’t finished by 5pm it won’t be finished until well into the next day. Having a freelancer at hand will help you fit in small projects at odd hours, even if you need to pay a bit extra.


Money saving

You save money on salaries, taxes and benefits

One of the main advantages of working with freelancers is not worrying about their taxes. They pay their own. You won’t have to win them over offering pension schemes, gym membership cards or travel insurance.


You won’t pay for wasted time

Let’s face it—office writers won’t stay focused for eight hours of work. You’ll still pay them a full-time salary, though. With a freelance professional you won’t pay for the time they spend procrastinating, but only for projects completed.


You don’t need to train them

When your company decides to set up a team of content writers you’ll likely go for junior writers. By training them you’ll save money on their salaries as you can pay them less than to senior writers. Why not hiring experienced freelancers instead? They won’t be paid a full-time salary and your trainers’ time will surely be better spent doing something else, like managing the content strategy. Hire freelance content writers who are also subject experts, set up an initial chat on Skype to go over the basics and provide a detailed briefing. That’s all they need.



They love what they do

Freelancers are generally motivated people and they love what they do. They wouldn’t do it otherwise. They can choose which projects to work on and won’t accept what is beyond their abilities or simply don’t like or don’t fancy doing. Therefore, if they agree to work with you, rest assured they’re informed about your company and WANT to work with you.


They’re usually more motivated than in-house writers

This is due to several reasons:

  • Ability to choose their projects, their location and their working times
  • Not having to attend long (and sometimes useless) meetings
  • Being less exposed to human distractions and freedom to take breaks when needed
  • Not dependant financially on one single client. Working for different clients means they can turn down projects they don’t want and choose who to work for wisely


They provide a fresh and new approach

Working with a freelance professional can help your business boost your content performance by introducing a new voice and providing a fresh approach and new ideas to your general content strategy.


They are business-minded

Being a sole trader means you need to take care of much more than just writing, translating or proofreading. Very often freelancers are their own project manager, accountant, secretary, salesperson, market researcher, social media manager and much more. They think as a (small) business and, as such, they show a professional approach. Freelancing provides many skills that in-house workers don’t have, simply because their responsibilities are limited to those of their role. Freelancers know how to deal with very different types of clients, how to market a project, how to organise and prioritise tasks, how to balance work and personal life and are problem-solvers by nature.

*By freelancers I mean freelance professionals, not people in full-time jobs that earn a bit extra with freelance assignments during the weekend with their favourite hobby :).


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IRENE CORCHADO RESMELLA is an English-Spanish translator and content writer based in Edinburgh. A former in-house content editor for two leading accommodation brands, she specialises in marketing translation and content writing for the travel industry, helping companies and travel marketing agencies alike. Irene is Inbound Marketing Certified, a frequent traveller and an active blogger at Piggy Traveller and The Curiolancer

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